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Ämne: kent in Café magazine- translation

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    Standard kent in Café magazine- translation

    Today Swedish magazine Café published an article about kent's time in France recording the new album. The also have some exclusive photos from the recordings.

    Forum member Edvin_747 has kindly scanned and uploaded the images of the interview in the swedish part of the forum here if you want to dowload them.

    I've done a translation of the text, if anyone fancies reading it too. My brain got a little tired towards the end, so apologies if there's any wonky-sounding bits and/or spelling mistakes! Enjoy!

    Page 1: (Black & white barn interior photo)

    Space and air
    Sami Sirviö says:
    In the morning we locked into Markus (Mustonen) in the drum barn, where he created the biggest sounds the human race has ever heard. In the evening we had to look high and low for him among the junk. You could only hear "You never find me!"

    Page 2: (Black & white photo of Jocke singing)

    Early Song Application
    Martin Sköld says:
    Jocke sings. Given that it is light, I understand that this is the start up of a new song. Often did Jocke a sketch-vox (demo vocal, Café's note) first. Then he could concentrate on just playing the guitar.

    Music Non Stop!
    Late nights, 'panik texts' och epic rock.
    In the studio with kent in the Frech Riviera.

    by Victor Johansson, Photos: Jesper Waldersten

    From the Rolling Stones decadent existence in Villefranch-sur-Med to David Bowie's creative rebirth in Berlin -rock stars have always loved going into exile.
    When Kent, in November 2011 - after having rehearsed their new songs that autumn - chose to leave, the choice was France.

    Specifically, Studio la Fabrique, a former farmhouse from the turn of the century, by the Riviera. Situated in Saint-Rémy de Provence (home of Nostradamus, and also the place where Vincent van Gogh chose to stay in for treatment) offers farm more than a modern recording studio. Know only this: 12 rooms, a park, a swimming pool, donkeys (!) a whole 200,000 vinyl record, 30,000 films and thousands of books. A long way from the band's studio in Älvsjö, the famous Pskybunkern.

    "We wanted to make a collection of songs where only the best songs had a place. Proud, hopeful and relieved (well, almost) from self-pity. We wanted to once again make use of the unity we are when we play magical songs together in a room. You will love it!" the band wrote on their site when they returned.

    On April 20th*, the much anticipated end result is released: I'm not afraid of the dark. (* small mistake here in the magazine, it's 28th April)
    Café is the first magazine to have exclusive photos from the recording.
    In addition, the band members tell us themselves about the album and the time in France.

    Page 3 (5 numbered black & white and colour pictures)

    Inspiration, goosebumps and magical guitars.
    1. Jocke Berg says:
    "We'd love to have you believe in the quills and the divine inspiration.
    But when you wrote something like you rather think, 'Damn, I was lucky.' And it's not false modesty.
    The best thing about playing in a good band, is that they are a huge amount greater than the parts, and for the life of you, you cannot comprehend how it happened.
    You just sit there with the world's goodbumps and smile like an idiot in a futile hope that every song/take will over a new unexpected high.
    But the guitar in the picture is magic. A Martin 000-42.
    What a sound!"

    Appearances are deceptive: Recordings are not characterized by the peace and quiet.
    2. Jocke Berg says:
    You can easily be led to believe that album recordings are big, important projects which are carried out by serious peolple with deep creases in their foreheads. Troubleshooting and ocean-sized feelings. We who record music and those who sell it to us would like to you believe that.
    It is abviously not true.
    Recordings are mostly filled with confusion, wine bottles, loose sketches, unplanned incidents, many laughs, millions of shurgs and I-have-no-idea-comments.
    When something is really good it depends mostly on pure luck and lucky mistkes. And if you don't succeed in destroying any possible feelings you are fored to with six thousand meaningless topping.
    Incidentally, I have no idea what Markus thinks of this. Probably he is reading a text that I just panicked together ... "

    Late nights on the Riviera
    3. Markus Mustone says:
    "In Rome you do as the Romans do. French late nights are on a very high standard."

    A 40th present which might shake the ground.
    4. Martin Sköld says:
    When I turned 40 years old, I gave myself this present. It is en Moog Voyager. The power in this machine isn't that it sends out laser beams as the picture would have you believe. It can actually make the ground shake."

    Martin's Maracas
    5. Sami Sirviö saysÖ
    After 20 years behind the base Martin discovered maracas. For days on end he walked around and russled as he sang 'Dojdodooa!"
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