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    Exclamation Forum rules

    Rules for posts in Kent forum

    1. When you start a new topic, try to make a good topic headline so that everyone understands what the subject is.

    2. Stick to the subject of the topic.

    3. Make a search before you start a new topic. It's possible that the subject has already been discussed. The search function is in the top menu.

    4. Spam and undue advertising are of course totally forbidden.

    Sales (buy/sell/trade) are referred to two specific sections. Observe the special rules for ticket sales:

    • You may only charge original price or lower for concert tickets. Higher price = immediately banned from the forum.
    • You're allowed to give away booking numbers, but not to sell booking numbers.

    Buy & sell - tickets | Buy & sell - everything but tickets

    6. Questions about closed topics, deleted replies etc can be sent to moderators via their profiles. You can also ask questions to moderators here.

    7. You should be positive and friendly in the forum, and not provoke unnecessarily. Behave in a nice and civilised way. Personal attacks, agitation against an ethnic group and similar things are not allowed. Stick to general netiquette.

    8. If you see a topic or a post in the forum that is against the rules, report this to a moderator in the first place and to the webmaster in the second place. The easiest way is to press the report icon, that can be found to the left in every post.

    9. We have zero tolerance against every form of discussion concerning pirate copies, regardless of what the law says. This is also applied on downloading, bootlegs etc. We don't discuss Kent's private lives either. This is their own wish, which we of course respect.

    10. If you as a user feel unjust treated by a moderator, contact the webmaster.

    11. Your signature can be maximum five lines.

    12. You may only have one active account. If that account is shut off, you can not start a new account. That will result in one month's suspension for the old account and permanent suspension for the new account.

    The moderators are:

    A moderator...
    ... treats all users in the same way.
    ... has been given the trust to keep order.
    ... moves topics that are in the wrong section.
    ... can close topics and refer to existing topics about the same subject.
    ... answers complaints and questions from other users.
    ... contacts the webmaster if there are any problems or something is unclear.

    Remember, the rules aren't there to employ moderators, they are there for the user's sake. By following the rules we help each other to make a good forum climate.

    If you have a comment on the rules, write it here.

    Notes and clarifications

    • It's OK to link to You Tube clips of concert recordings by amateurs.
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