Kent have sent Per Sinding-Larsen a postcard from France with some photos, here is a translation of the article:

EXTRA EXTRA: kent send a postcard from the studio (“ good it is”)


I have received a card from kent

A s h o r t card.

With some pictures.
(that is a play on words in swedish as ‘kort’ means ‘short’ and ‘card’ and also mean ‘pictures’)

From southern France and the recording studio where the songs for the groups’ next album is being recorded.

We have been really busy, but how good it is: )

That is exactly how Jocke Berg sums up the creative process just now.

In the picture above you can see his own little ‘corner’ in the studio.

Photographed by himself.


Over the years kent have both recorded and written songs in different places abroad.

Berlin, Paris and New York are some of the places which all or part of the band have visited. Sometimes this has left an impression on the music, sometimes not.

When they chose to record a part (or perhaps the whole?) of what will be the follow up to the previous years’ ‘En plats i solen’ in the French countryside (see more pictures on their own site) they do so in good rock history company.

In the 1970s, recording in a French chateau or manor house was almost a must in rock’n’roll. There are many stories from Château d’Hérouville where David Bowie, Iggy Pop, Fleetwood Mac, Elton John, Bee Gees and MC5 have recorded. Not to mention the Rolling Stones tax plan studio-villa on the Riviera with the famous recording of ‘Exile on Main Street’.

Jocke writes that their own French haven is magical.

The pictures?

This has been taken in the library where the guitarist Sami writes at the desk.

Who is Sami writing to?


Sometime next year kent’s next yet untitled album will be released.

The quartet will work further on it in their own studio Psykbunkern in Älvsjö also.

We can also speculate whether it will be electro-kent, rock-kent or just kent who wait for 2012.

17 years after the debut album.

By Per Sinding-Larsen