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Ämne: Favouite bits of kent lyrics (from English translations?)

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    Standard Favouite bits of kent lyrics (from English translations?)

    So what are everyone's favourite kent lyrics after an English translation? They're all from the kent awardspace seems to have translated all of them. I haven't seen them all, just some but these are the bits I really like

    Beredd På Allt

    It is spelled
    I am afraid of everything
    Prepared for everything

    Vy Från Ett Luftslott (the entire song's lyrics even after translation seem great):

    We lie back against back
    Finally you fall asleep
    And I feel such relief
    As the music begins again
    Have you thought about
    How we almost never lift our eyes
    From the ground
    To watch the black space above the clouds
    Where the missiles meet
    They whisper holes in the sky
    They will be our death


    November, we finish the story soon
    do you have some lies left
    to powder your answer

    December have you some heroes left
    then you are some rare species
    the last one of its kind

    Det Finns Inga Ord

    And in our country no one can be superior
    This is Sweden, please cry when no one sees
    There are no words for it in this damn language
    I have no words for how we breathe, think, feel the same thing

    747 Swedish version

    But against rubber, glass and metal
    A miracle doesn't mean a thing...

    Pa Drift
    The bohemians and poets are pigs
    And On The Road is the stupidest shit I've read
    Because Heroes and Heroines stay put
    With their backs up against the wall
    Just skin against the sharp edge
    And they scratch and punch and bite
    For their lives or someone else's
    They get no reward
    But they ask for nothing
    They just do it, bite down and shut up

    And I really like the Klaparen lyrics though not any particular line

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    I hate seeing a thread left unanswered , so while I haven't really thought about which lyrics I love (and there's a few I'm sure), I'll agree with you on Beredd pa allt. (my keyboard won't let me do the a with the ring above it, grrrr!) the R-Ä-D-S-L-A bit in swedish is great.

    I'll come back when I've thought some more...

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    Oct 2009


    I'll have to give it some more thought too, but I agree on Beredd på allt. Mostly because of the use of the words Rädd/Beredd. Great way of playing with language.

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