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Ämne: question about kent t-shirt merchandise.

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    Sep 2004
    athens, , Greece.

    Question question about kent t-shirt merchandise.

    Hello people,
    I wish to ask how possible is it to obtain this t-shirt
    I have been looking extensively in many sites as well as but it's futile. (the site has 0 in stock)

    If some one has any idea or has one in mint condition and is considering of selling it; please contact me.

    sorry for my English in a Swedish section forum (it's anyhow about kent merchandise)
    and 2nd sorry in advance if such an action is not allowed either; just wanted to be sure that the thread will be read.

    tack så mycket!
    Senast redigerat av f0m den 2012-05-18 klockan 01:20.

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