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Ämne: Tigerdrottningen singles?

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    Standard Tigerdrottningen singles?

    Has anyone bought the singles for Tigerdrottningen? If so, are they worth it, in your opinion?

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    I have both of them.

    Var är vi nu? is definitely worth it, the acoustic version is pure magic. Also, if you care for such thing, it is numbered, I have nr 1293.

    As for LBE, if you manage to find it for near the original price, go for it. But I wouldn't count on it, it sold out very quickly. I only managed to get two (sadly both were with the purple cover so I gave one to my BFF) because I was told that Bengans held back some copies for record store day and I bought them then. However, I'm not that fond of the instrumental version (it's missing the most important instrument: Jocke's voice), so I wouldn't pay for an overpriced version on ebay.

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    Thank you, jazz. I found the acoustic version of VAVN on youtube and it is golden. I will look for one for sale, and let you know which number I end up with!

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